Tips On Completing The Entry Form

Here are some tips shared by one of our principle judges, James Courage, on completing the entry form:

On overall entry

  • Consider carefully which category is the most relevant to your strengths
  • Ensure you understand what the judges are looking for
  • Be concise - remember the judges have to review all of the entries
  • Answer all the questions clearly - with key points upfront
  • Clarity is key - often entries lose marks because the information is not sufficient or lacking appropriate details


On business ethics questions

  • Where asked, be clear on substantiating business ethics; enable more understanding
  • Communicate brand responsibilities


On category-specific questions

  • Be sure ideas are new and significant
  • Ensure project is not hard to judge from information available
  • Impressive sales increase are good, but need to easily understand why
  • Show integration of programmes
  • Show how improvements/development make a positive difference
  • With young entrepreneurs, it is helpful to distinguish the different roles between the CEO and the young entrepreneur in contributing to the business success


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