Guangdong Land Holdings Limited

The Guangdong Land Holdings Limited (GDLAND), with its headquarters in Hong Kong, is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, and is a subsidiary of GDH Limited, which is Guangdong Province’s largest conglomerate operating outside Mainland China.

The principal business of GDLAND is property development and investment, including but not limited to the development and operational management of the innovative commercial real estate, urban complex and industrial business complex. As the strategic arm of GDH Limited, GDLAND engages in the business development of commercial real estate, as well as the projects of urban and industrial complex.

GDLAND’s flagship project, namely the “Buxin Project”, is planned to become the biggest and most advanced jewellery mart in the world, including a large- scale jewellery trading and exhibition centre along with other facilities, with a lot size of over 87,000 square metres and the construction scale (floor area) is expected to be more than 700,000 square metres. The Buxin Project, which is located in the Buxin area of Luohu district in Central Shenzhen, close to the Shuibei Gold and Jewellery Base, is expected to develop the area into one of the most influential gold and jewellery trading and exchange platforms in China and around the world.

“It is a great privilege for GDLAND to be an Honoured Partner of the JNA Awards for the fifth consecutive year. The JNA Awards is a highly regarded international jewellery awards programme that is committed to promoting the advancement of the industry. It provides a professional exchange platform for jewellery industry players by integrating and highlighting game-changing thoughts and ideas. We hope to propel the further development and prosperity of the international jewellery and gemstone trade together with the Awards.”

- Zhao Chunxiao
Guangdong Land Holdings Limited


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