KGK Group

The KGK Group was founded in 1905 by Kesrimal Kothari and Ghisilal Kothari of Jaipur (India), with the humble task of trading gemstones between India and Burma. With a global presence across 19 countries today, the privately held group has evolved into one of the most preferred brands in the gemstone and jewellery industry, with a vertically integrated operation that spans the entire supply chain from mines to brands. KGK is one of the few conglomerates covering the entire spectrum of mining, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of coloured gemstones, diamonds and jewellery for over a century.

KGK Group has a resilient team of 12,000 employees with operations and offices in Asia, Australia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. Having achieved an impeccable reputation in the gemstone, diamond and jewellery trade, the group has recently diversified into real estate.

“It always gives me immense satisfaction to be actively involved in the growth and development of the jewellery industry. The JNA Awards is one such opportunity where we can celebrate excellence and achievements in the jewellery and gemstone trade at large. Joining as an Honoured Partner this year, I feel a sense of pride, along with utmost gratification, to see KGK taking a stride ahead with the JNA Awards.”

- Sanjay Kothari
Vice Chairman
KGK Group


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