Who Should Enter?

The JNA Awards is open to companies and individuals in the international jewellery and gemstone trade with operations in Asia. The Awards welcomes those who excel in their respective fields, are committed to excellence, act as a source of inspiration to industry stakeholders and conduct business responsibly.

Why Enter? Benefits of Entering

The JNA Awards aims to further advance and propel the industry by promoting innovation, setting high standards and sharing best business practices in the jewellery and gemstone trade.

Shortlisted companies or individuals will receive wide publicity across the trade and business sectors. The Awards can help them elevate their brand among decision makers and influential members in the jewellery and gemstone industry. Every Honouree and Recipient will gain high profile exposure through the JNA Awards’ extensive PR and marketing campaigns. News of the Awards will also reach international jewellery trade, financial, business, fashion and lifestyle media platforms.

Benefits earned during entry submission and judging

  • From the preparation of the entry of the JNA Awards, the entrant has the chance to reflect and evaluate its business objectively and to benchmark itself against industry expectations
  • Opportunity to receive invaluable feedback and business advices from experts on the judging panel

Prominent Prestige to be an Honouree

  • It is a true accomplishment to be shortlisted as an Honouree in the highly-coveted and well-recognised JNA Awards among other qualified enterprises and individuals
  • Receiving this honour is a powerful testament and recognition of the outstanding achievement of the team, which will boost morale and encourage the team to continue to innovate and progress forward
  • Honourees will benefit immensely from the synergy created by the media and marketing campaigns launched by the organiser, and also the media posts by Honouree and Recipient companies on various media platforms

Cost of Entering

It is free to enter the JNA Awards. Each company is allowed to enter a maximum of 3 categories.

Once a company is shortlisted as an Honouree, it will have to pay an Honouree Package fee that covers the costs of producing all Honouree-exclusive materials and trade-wide global marketing and promotion campaigns.

For each company, the Honouree Package fee is USD2,800 for the first shortlisted category and USD500 respectively for the second and third category being shortlisted as Honouree. So if a company is shortlisted for two categories, the fee will be USD3,300 and USD3,800 for three categories.

By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to pay this fee, which is non-refundable.

The Honouree Package fee covers the following items:

  • 2 VIP tickets to the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner (per company), a total value of USD996
  • A profile and one-page advertisement in the official publication of the Awards book, Jewellery Industry Best Practices

Exclusive materials tailor-made for each Honouree:

  • Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Showcard
  • Rosette
  • Promotional poster
  • Other marketing and PR materials

Comprehensive global marketing campaign includes but not limited to:

  • News updated on the official website and social media platforms of the JNA Awards
  • Press releases issued by the JNA Awards to trade, finance, business and general lifestyle media
  • Other promotional opportunities, including key international trade fairs

Deadline for entries

Entry Submission Guideline