What Does the JNA Awards Mean to the Judge Panel?


We are proceeding to the judging process and let’s hear what the judges say about the JNA Awards:

Jame01s Courage: “Participation in the judging process for the last three years has provided me with a real insight into the dynamics of the jewellery business… I am fortunate that in my extensive travels, I have been able to witness change on the ground and to learn, at first hand, of the respect in which the JNA Awards is held across Asia…”

Albert Cheng: “It is my greatest pleasure to join other 02respected leaders from the industry in the JNA Awards 2015 judging panel… I look forward to seeing more qualified entries and first-time entrants sharing their best business practices and innovative approaches to advance the development of the trade.”

Lin Qiang:Picture1 “Having been part of the awards since its inception four years ago, it is extremely encouraging to see it gain international recognition within the industry and grow in size in terms of both entries and attendees over such a short period of time…”


Nirupa Bhatt: “I am pleased to participate in this important industry event as a member of the judging panel… It is an honour to share valuable insights on outstanding industry practices with distinguished experts from the business community.”


YasukYasukazu Suwa pic_20150311_edtazu Suwa: “I am honoured to be invited to serve as a judge for the 2015 JNA Awards… We hope that this year’s awards will continue to inspire members of the industry to strive for excellence and to share the passion we have for the jewellery industry.”

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