Voice of Industry- Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Lin Qiang, the President and Managing Director of Shanghai Diamond Exchange, one of our Headline Partners, appreciated that JNA Awards has inspired and encouraged the industry to move forward and upward, 🍾

“The JNA Awards continues to gather inspiring companies and individuals onto this stage by encouraging excellence and innovation – ensuring that our industry remains prosperous and on a cutting-edge position … Tonight’s winners provide precious inspirations for our industry, and for that, they deserve our deep respect. May the glory of their achievements brighten the future of our industry.”

JNA Awards 2019 is now open for registration, Register Now: https://www.ubmonlinereg.com/registration/default.aspx…

Learn more about the JNA Awards at 🖥💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/

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欲了解更多有關JNA大獎的詳情,請即登上💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/


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