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IIDGR (UK) Ltd was selected as the Recipient of Industry Innovation of the Year at the JNA Awards 2018 and the honour was presented by Kenneth Scarratt, CEO of DANAT.

IIDGR, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, was established in 2008 to provide premium grading service and proprietary equipment unique to diamond industry. It was found by no other than the De Beers Group of Companies, the organisation most closely associated with the mystique and science of diamonds.

“I think anybody involved in the diamond and jewellery supply chain really need to be aware of their reputational risk among the consumers and the rest of the trade. Testing all of their loose and set diamond jewellery is absolutely paramount today to protect the name above their doors and reputation with their supply chain partners.” Jamie Clark, Commercial Director, IIDGR (UK) Ltd reminded colleague in the industry should always be aware of and prevent the risk

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IIDGR (UK) Ltd成為2018年度JNA大獎「年度創新企業大獎」的得獎者!恭喜恭喜!

國際鑽石評級及研究院 (IIDGR) 於2008年成立,旨在為鑽石業界提供優質的鑽石評級服務及業界獨有的器材。IIDGR的創辦者,正正是與鑽石的神秘形象及當中科學關聯最密切的De Beers集團。

IIDGR (UK) Ltd 商業總監Jamie Clark提醒同業應時常留意及預防風險:「我認為任何在鑽石及珠寶供應鏈的同業,都必須意識到他們在消費者及業界中的名聲有機會受到的風險。檢測所有散裝及已鑲嵌的鑽石,對保障品牌及其於供應鏈夥伴間的名聲是極為重要的事。」

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