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Congratulations to HIERSUN for being awarded the Recipient of Retailer of the Year (501 outlets and above) at the JNA Awards 2018.

Founded in 1999, HIERSUN focuses on the design, production and sales of diamond, platinum, gold and other high-quality jewellery products. Its “I Do” brand continues to post positive results and is now present in the core business district of each target city.

“This is our third time to win the JNA Awards since we first joined. Being awarded by the JNA Awards proves our influence and recognition in the industry. Being innovative and motivated with the aim to improve the brand image and product quality are our keys to success.” Nancy Guo, the Product Research and Development Center General Manager of HIERSUN, was grateful that the JNA Awards has always motivated them to strive for their best.”

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衷心祝賀恒信鑽石機構成為2018年度JNA大獎「年度零售商大獎 (501 個零售點或以上)」的得獎者!

恆信鑽石機構成立於1999年,專注於鑽石、鉑金、黃金等高質珠寶產品的設計、生產和銷售。其「I Do」品牌繼續取得積極成果,並於每個目標城市的核心商業區有售。

恒信鑽石機構 新品研發中心總經理郭茵女士表示JNA大獎肯定了他們在行業中的地位:「這已經是我們第三次獲得JNA大獎殊榮,說明了我們企業於這個行業的影響力及認可。我們成功的關鍵在於我們勇於創新和一直致力於提升品牌形象與產品質素。」

📝🗓 2019年度JNA大獎已接受登記。請立即登記,率先預覽本年度大獎的獎項類別、評審標準和最新的條款及細則:https://www.ubmonlinereg.com/registration/default.aspx?fid=870&lang=create

欲了解更多有關JNA大獎的詳情,請即登上💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/


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