Voice of Industry- Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT)

Kenneth Scarratt, CEO of DANAT, one of our Headline Partners, congratulated all Recipients on their achievements at the JNA Awards 2018 and encouraged them to continue their accomplished work. ✨✨✨

“The JNA Awards bestowed upon incredible individuals and companies during this evening are clearly well deserved, and to each and every one of the Recipients, DANAT extends not just our congratulations but our sincere thanks for continually elevating the standards within this fine industry.”

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巴林珍珠與寶石機構行政總裁Kenneth Scarratt先生於2018年度JNA大獎頒獎典禮曁晚宴上恭賀所有得獎者並鼓勵他們繼續努力,令珠寶業發展更一上層樓:🎊🎉🍾


📝🗓 2019年度JNA大獎已接受登記。請立即登記,率先預覽本年度大獎的獎項類別、評審標準和最新的條款及細則:https://www.ubmonlinereg.com/registration/default.aspx?fid=870&lang=create

欲了解更多有關JNA大獎的詳情,請即登上💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/


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