VOI – KGK Group

The KGK Group once again graces our Awards programme as an Honoured Partner in the 2019 edition.👏👏

They have also been an active participant in the Awards since 2012 and the Recipients of several JNA Awards over the years.🏆 We are proud to have such strong affiliations with this leading industry player. With a global presence across 19 countries today, the privately held group has evolved into one of the most preferred brands in the gemstone and jewellery industry.

The secret to their colossal success? Hard work and flexibility. Vice President, Sanjay Kothari emphasizes that “there is no substitute to hard work and you should always be very keen to adapt to changes in this evolving world.”

Meet with the Vice President of the group, Sanjay Kothari in this interview: https://www.jnaawards.com/en-us/Partners/2019/KGK_2019

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