Thailand Study Tour – Day 4

On our fourth day, the participants of the JNA Awards Thailand Study Tour had already gained a good understanding of the Thai gems and jewellery industry.

The group was warmly welcome by Mr. Phuket Khunaprapakorn, Vice President of Thai Gem & Jewelry Trader’s Association, we were shown around the Gems & Jewelry Center at Chanthaburi.?

✨Chanthaburi is a major gem center famous for its coloured gemstone in Thailand. The Gem Museum, the largest jewellery museum in Asia, gave us lots of valuable insights and knowledge of various kinds of coloured gemstones. To see the full lifecycle of a beautiful piece of jewellery its very source, we headed for the yellow sapphire mine in the area. The group was invigorated by seeing beautiful gemstones unearthed from the mine.

After visiting the lively Gemstone market which gathered hundreds of international traders, an enjoyable dinner at a local seafood restaurant was in order to mark a perfect ending for the day.

☺️Thank you again to all the guests for the participation and especially Mr. Phuket and his team for taking their time to show us around out of their busy schedule.

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JNA 大獎泰國考察團的第四天,參加者已對泰國珠寶業的發展有更深入的了解。

泰國寶石和珠寶交易商協會副主席Phuket Khunaprapakorn先生帶領考察團到訪尖竹汶(Chanthaburi) 的莊它府裡珠寶首飾商會參觀。尖竹汶以彩色寶石聞名,是泰國最主要的珠寶首飾交流中心。在全亞洲最大的珠寶博物館,考察團學習到彩色寶石的特徵及知識。行程更包括前往黃色剛石礦場,增加團員寶石來源的認識。


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