Thailand Study Tour – Day 3

The JNA Awards Thailand Study Tour had brought a valuable experience to all the guests by visiting some of the marvelous jewellery facilities in Thailand that run by our previous Recipients and Honourees.

We are honoured to have some of our judging panel, Sponsor Partners, as well as members of the previous Recipients and Honourees, with us in this tour.

The third day started with an educational factory tour at Christy Gem Co., Ltd. – Kuwayama Jewellery Factory – the largest manufacturing base for the company’s cast products. The group was impressed by the facilities which have obtained an international standard quality assurance accreditation of ISO 9001.

The group left for Bangkok for Chanthaburi and spent a night at Rayong before continuing the journey. Let’s see what Chanthaburi has in store for us.

Thank you again to all the guests who joined us on this tour and Kuwayama for the arrangements.

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透過參觀曾獲JNA 大奬得獎者及入圍者殊榮的泰國珠寶廠及設施,JNA 大獎考察團的參加者均獲益良多。


第三天的旅程,以參觀日本桑山的最大生產基地Christy Gem Co., Ltd展開,大家都對能參觀獲得ISO 9001國際認證的工廠設施 感到興奮。


感謝各位參與泰國考察團,並再次感謝Kuwayama 的熱情款待。

JNA 大獎2019現已公開接受報名 :


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