Thailand Study Tour – Day 2

👏We’re now on Day 2 of the JNA Awards Thailand Study Tour, which started from 28 Jan 2019 to 3 Feb 2019. The tour was attended by members of the judging panel, Sponsor Partners and some of the previous Recipients and Honourees from Thailand.

On the second day, we continued the inspiring tour by visiting the KGK, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Ltd and China Stone Ltd. KGK’s advanced sapphire cutting facility enables them to cut their own gemstones to ensure product quality and value. At Pranda Jewelry, we were shown how refined gold, gemstone and costume jewellery were made by the skilled craftsmen. The group was mesmerised by the automatic sorting operation at China Stone, which is an expert of precision machine-cut natural gemstones.

🌟One of the highlights of the day was the JNA Awards 2019 Presentation that the JNA Awards co-organised with Thai Gem and Jewelry Trader’s Association (TGJTA) . The presentation was attended by close to 30 jewellers from Thailand. It was held in anticipation for a wider participation of the JNA Awards from the outstanding enterprises and individuals from the Thai industry.

After a hectic day, the group enjoyed an amazing river cruise dinner to have a taste of Thailand and to wind down alongside with the beautiful city view of Bangkok. 🌃

Thanks for joining us on the second day and big thanks again to the following companies for receiving us .

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於2019年1月28日至2月3日舉行的JNA 大獎泰國考察團來到第二天,各評審團成員、合作夥伴及部分來自泰國的入圍者和得獎者均參加了這次旅程。

第二天,我們參觀了KGK集團、Pranda Jewelry Public Co Ltd 以及 China Stone Ltd的設施。KGK集團利用先進的藍寶石切割設備生產,以確保產品的質素及價值。於Pranda Jewelry代表團有機會見到工匠熟練地製作黃金、寶石和服裝珠寶的過程。China Stone Ltd是精密機切天然寶石的專家,其自動分揀技術令各位留下深刻印象。

當天的其中一個亮點是JNA大獎與泰國珠寶貿易協會合辦的JNA大獎2019簡介會。簡介會吸引了近 30 位 泰國珠寶商出席,希望能透過簡介會鼓勵更多泰國珠寶業的個人和企業參與JNA大獎。



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