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JNA Awards 2018 is now open for entries! Sanjay Kothari, the Vice Chairman of KGK Group, one of our Honoured Partners, has high expectation to the Awards and is proud to be part of this award programme which keeps sparking inspiration to the international jewellery & gemstone industry “……When people see what others are doing (via the JNA Awards), they also get inspired. A designer gets inspired or a manufacturer gets inspired. Younger people would like to know what is happening with established players. So when they see a platform like this, they get inspiration.”

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2018年度JNA大獎已經公開接受報名!今年大獎的榮譽合作夥伴之一, KGK集團副主席Sanjay Kothari先生對於能夠成為為國際珠寶及寶石業界不斷帶來啟發的JNA大獎的一分子表示榮幸,同時他對JNA大獎有很高的期望,並表示︰「透過JNA 大獎這個平台,業界從業員能看到其他人在幹甚麼並從中得到不同啟發,如設計師和製造商。較年輕的一代可以了解到業界領袖的最新發展。所以當他們接觸到這個平台,他們能得到啟迪。」



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