JNA Awards Shanghai Briefing Meeting

The first-ever JNA Awards briefing meeting jointly organised by UBM Asia, Shanghai Diamond Exchange and China Gems and Jade Exchange was held successfully on 7 December 2018 in Shanghai. 👏👏👏

More than 70 representatives from leading jewellers from all over China attended the occassion.  ✨ Sharings from Lin Qiang, President and Managing Director of SDE who is also a member of the judging panel of the Awards, and representatives from past Recipients of the Awards, Wang Zhou, CEO of Shenzhen Sunfeel Co Ltd. and Xu Xiao, Co-founder of Zbird, have provided invaluable insights to the participants on how to prepare a winning entry for the JNA Awards 2019. 💯💬

📝🗓 JNA Awards 2019 is now open for registration. Register Now to preview the Awards categories, judging criteria and updated terms and conditions: https://www.ubmonlinereg.com/registration/default.aspx?fid=870&lang=create

Learn more about the JNA Awards at 🖥💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/

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JNA 大獎聯同上海鑽石交易所及上海寶玉石交易中心於12月7日在上海成功舉行首個 JNA 大獎推介會。👏👏👏

推介會吸引超過70位來自中國各地的珠寶業界菁英出席。✨大獎評審成員之一,上海鑽石交易所總裁林強及歷屆 JNA 大獎得主代表深圳賽菲爾珠寶首飾有限公司總經理王卓及鑽石小鳥創始人徐瀟,均向出席者分享他們對參加JNA大獎的寶貴心得。💯💬


欲了解更多有關JNA大獎的詳情,請即登上💡 http://www.jnaawards.com/

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