Registration for the JNA Awards 2018 is now open

Online registration is now available!? Visit the newly revamped awards website to register and review the full list of categories, awards criteria and rules of entry.

In 2018, the JNA Awards will have 13 categories. Reflecting the evolving nature of the jewellery industry and the pressing demand for creativity and agility to stay ahead in a rapidly changing marketplace, the JNA Awards will have two Retailer of the Year awards and will reintroduce the Manufacturer of the Year – Cutting & Polishing category this year.??

The award categories for 2018 are as follows:

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award (nominated by the organiser)
  2. Brand of the Year – Retail
  3. eSupplier of the Year
  4. Industry Innovation of the Year (business model, management process, marketing or branding initiatives, manufacturing process, product development, technology, gemmological research, etc.)
  5. Manufacturer of the Year – Jewellery
  6. Manufacturer of the Year – Cutting & Polishing
  7. Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – ASEAN, Japan & Korea
  8. Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – Greater China
  9. Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – India
  10. Retailer of the Year (500 outlets and below)
  11. Retailer of the Year (501 outlets and above)
  12. Sustainability Initiative of the Year
  13. Young Entrepreneur of the Year (age 40 and below)

Register as soon as possible to benefit from the additional time to review all the award categories and judging criteria before entry submission begins in March!


2018 年度 JNA 大奖将有13个奖项类别。今年特别设立两项年度零售商大奖及再次引入年度制造商大奖 – 切割及加工,以反映珠寶界多變的本質,以及領導者對創造力和保持靈活多變特性的殷切需求。

2018 年度 JNA 大奖奖项类别如下︰

  1. 终身成就奖 (由主办方提名)
  2. 年度品牌大奖 – 零售业
  3. 年度杰出电商大奖
  4. 年度创新企业大奖 (业务模式、管理程式、市场行销或品牌推广意念、生产程式、产品研发、技术创新、宝石学研究等)
  5. 年度制造商大奖 – 首饰
  6. 年度制造商大奖 -切割及加工
  7. 年度杰出企业大奖 – 东南亚国家联盟、日本及韩国
  8. 年度杰出企业大奖 – 大中华地区
  9. 年度杰出企业大奖 – 印度
  10. 年度零售商大奖 (500 个零售点或以下)
  11. 年度零售商大奖 (501 个零售点或以上)
  12. 年度可持续发展企业大奖
  13. 年度杰出青年企业家大奖 (40 岁或以下)

有意角逐 JNA 大奖的人士及企业请把握时机,尽早登记细读各奖项类别的评审准则,为参赛作好准备。网上报名系统将于三月上旬全面开放。???

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