JNA Awards Honouring Firmin Robert Wan, Jacques Branellec with Highest Accolade

Firmin Robert Wan and Jacques Branellec were presented the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honour of the JNA Awards.

In 1973, Robert discovered the cultured Tahitian pearl. It was the beginning of a marvellous adventure. One of Robert’s most incredible achievements was when his Tahitian pearls received the ultimate recognition of the GIA certificate. Such recognition elevates the pearls on the same plane as diamonds and other gems. Indeed, a new gem was born.

“I am honoured to be here with you tonight. I have devoted, and will continue to dedicate, my life to this fascinating gem, the Tahitian pearls. Today, I dedicate them to all women who will succumb to its eternal beauty, forever and ever.” Wan shared upon receiving the award.

Like the pearls that he is now known for, Jacques Pol Branellec – the man behind the famed Jewelmer brand – is a product of time, trials and experience. Together with Filipino entrepreneur Manuel Cojuangco, Jacques established Jewelmer in 1979. It has since grown into a company recognised for one of the world’s most exquisite pearl variety, the South Sea Pearl. A decade later, his company would be able to produce the golden pearl, an elegantly unique version of the living treasure.

“It is my greatest honor to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award. Here, success is not measured in economic terms. Sometimes, success is simply the thought that you are a captain who has brought his ship safe to the right destination.” Jacques shared.

Congratulations to Mr Firmin Robert Wan and Mr Jacques Branellec!

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