JNA Awards 2017 “Industry Innovation of the Year” Recipient: 3D Jewellery Company Ltd (China)

Ye Xiangzhou, Chairman of 3D Jewellery Company Ltd (China) was presented the JNA Awards 2017 “Industry Innovation of the Year” by two presenters: Shi Wei Gan, Deputy Director The People’s Government of Yantian District, Shenzhen and Lin Qiang, President and Managing Director of Shanghai Diamond Exchange. Congratulations!!???

“Receiving this award is the biggest affirmation and acknowledgment for us, it encourages us to work with even greater efforts and be bold to innovate. Our innovation philosophy is not only about the product itself but also the entire company’s operational model, the corporate innovative culture, marketing model and our entire production and sales management; and when it comes to products, we never stop striving our best to blaze new trails.”          – Ye Xiangzhou, Chairman of 3D Jewellery Company Ltd ??








深圳市盐田区人民政府盐田区常务副区长时卫干先生及上海钻石交易所总裁林强先生一同颁发「2017 JNA年度创新企业大奖」予深圳市凯恩特珠宝首饰有限公司主席叶向洲先生。??

叶向洲先生接受JNA大奖访问时表示:「获得这个创新大奖对我们来说就是一个认可,能够让我们更加努力、大胆去创新。对于创新,我们的理念不仅是注重产品,而是包括整家公司的经营模式、企业文化、营销模式及生产和销售管理。而至于产品,我们基本上都很多元地不断创新。」 ?

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