JNA Awards 2017 “eSupplier of the Year” Recipient: Kela (China)

Li Hai, Chief Operation Officer of Kela (China) was presented the JNA Awards 2017 “eSupplier of the Year” by Jim Li, General Manager of Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange. Congratulations!

“It is our honour to receive the 2017 JNA Awards eSupplier of the Year, thank you to the organiser and committees of JNA Awards for the recognition to Kela. Kela is a combination of jewellery retailer and e-supplier. Since its establishment 10 years ago, Kela has transformed with innovation and new development in order to adapt to the changes in the market. The only thing that we will not change is the spirit of ever-evolving to improve.”          – Li Hai, Chief Operation Officer, Kela

广东省珠宝玉石交易中心总经理黎志伟先生颁授2017 JNA年度杰出电商大奖予珂兰运营副总裁黎海先生。

黎先生接受访问时表示:「今年很荣幸能够获得 2017 年度杰出电商大奖,感谢 JNA 组委会对珂兰的认可。 珂兰是电商和珠宝的结合。成立十周年以来,为了适应市场的变化,珂兰不停创新发展,转变是我们唯一不变的精神。」

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