JNA Award 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Prida Tiasuwan was presented the JNA Award 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by Wolfram Diener, former Senior Vice President of UBM Asia and Asi Mamanee, Consul General of Consulate General of Thailand in Hong Kong & Macau. Congratulations, Mr. Prida! 🎊🎊🎊

As introduced by Mr. Wilson Yuen, Past President of International Colored Gemstone Association 2009 -2013 shared, “Mr. Prida is a man of vision, who would dream big and aim high. He cares not only about his business, but the well being and advancement of the entire jewellery sector.

Under Mr. Prida’s leadership, PRANDA was transformed from a modest jewellery design company to a pioneer in mass production of fine jewellery with top quality craftsmanship.” 💍💎

“Thank you JNA Awards for lifting the spirit of the jewellery and gemstone industry, and thanks for lifting the spirit of the workers who produce the things they love, (and work hard) for the people that love beautiful things that can be treasured forever, and nothing can be better than that.” Mr. Prida shared upon receiving the award.

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🎥Watch the full speech at: https://www.jnaawards.com/en-us/Results/2018

Prida Tiasuwan 從亞洲博聞前副總裁Wolfram Diener和泰國駐港澳總領事館總領事Asi Mamanee手上取得2018 年度 JNA 大獎「終身成就獎」在此再次恭賀Prida先生!🎊🎊🎊

正如國際有色寶石協會前會長(2009-2013)袁先生的介紹:「Prida 先生是一個高瞻遠矚的人,他胸懷大志而且目標高遠。他並不單只在乎自己的業務,他更關心整個珠寶業的發展及進步。在Prida 先生的帶領下,PRANDA由一家簡單的珠寶設計公司,發展成為以頂尖工藝、大批製造優質珠寶的行業先驅。」💍💎




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