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Have you ever wondered how your favourite jewellers source their precious materials? Attending trade shows in search of reputable and established vendors remains the most effective way to do that, especially if one aims to network with multiple suppliers and reconnect with clients. In addition to visiting fairs, many are also utilising online gemstone-sourcing tools.

Innovative companies like our 2017 Honouree, China Stone Co Ltd, and our 2017 eSupplier of the Year, Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt Ltd, have developed real-time inventory management systems, which put their latest goods right in front of their customers. These electronic platforms have enabled buyers to secure cost reductions, give them greater control of their businesses and make smarter decisions.

Photo credit: China Stone Co Ltd



你最喜歡的珠寶商從何處採購他們的貴金屬?最有效的方法,當然是在商貿展會上, 尋找信譽良好的賣家,特別當你希望一次過和多個供應商及客戶見面聯絡。但除了商貿展會外,現在也有不少人會使用線上寶石採購工具。

具創新精神的公司,如2017年度JNA大獎的入圍公司China Stone Co Ltd和2017年度傑出電商大獎得主Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt Ltd,已發展實時存貨管理系統,令顧客能即時瀏覽公司的最新產品。這些電子平台能保證降低採購成本,使他們更易於把控生意,從而作出最明智的決定。

圖片來源︰China Stone Co Ltd


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