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China Stone Co Ltd is a pioneer in the electronic retailing of loose coloured gemstones. By offering product knowledge and expertise, tailored search and assortments, front-end technologies, certification of responsibly sourced materials and global delivery, the company is virtually taking the stress out of buying loose coloured gemstones online.

Video clips of its gemstone offerings are uploaded on China Stone’s Facebook page ( For more details, visit @ChinaStone.

Photo credit: China Stone Co Ltd


China Stone Co Ltd是电子零售有色宝石的先驱企业。他们透过提供产品资讯和专业意见、个人化搜索与产品组合、前端技术、责任采购认证和全球配送等服务,消除了买家于网上购买有色宝石的忧虑。

相关短片更已上载至China Stone 的Facebook专页:。如欲了解更多,请浏览 @ChinaStone。

图片来源︰China Stone Co Ltd


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