Exclusive JNA Awards Panel Discussion on 2 March 2018

“How best to capture the upward business trend in 2018?” —- Exclusive JNA Awards Panel Discussion on 2 March

Four experts from the international jewellery and gemstone industry, namely, James Courage, Former Chief Executive, Platinum Guild International; Albert Cheng, Far East Advisor, World Gold Council; Mark Lee, Research Director, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy; and Bobby Liu, Executive Director, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd were invited to share their valuable insights on this topic with our honourees in an intimate setting on 2 March.Participating honourees and guests also shared their takes on this topic, it surely was a fruitful morning for everyone attended the session!

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JNA大獎於3月2日舉行了獨家座談會 —「如何把握2018年的商業景氣好轉? 」

四位來自國際珠寶和寶石業的專家當日獲邀到場分享,包括國際鉑金協會前任首席執行官高偉政先生、世界黃金協會遠東區資深顧問鄭良豪先生、亞太策略研究所研究總監李卓駿博士 ,以及周大福珠寶集團執行董事廖振為先生。於輕鬆的環境中,四位主講嘉賓與一眾JNA大獎入圍者深入分享了他們的寶貴見解,在場各位入圍者和出席嘉賓也積極表達他們的看法,各位出席座談會的來賓肯定都碩果豐收、好好把握2018年的各種機遇。

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