Chat with the judges: What is a quality entry?

To be a qualified entry for the JNA Awards, you should:

  • Complete all the questions in English within the stated word limit
  • Provide complete and relevant answers to each category
  • Do not apply the same answers to all the categories you are entering
  • Do not submit more than 5 supporting documents

To maximise the chance of being shortlisted, we have asked our judges to share their thoughts on what is considered to be a high quality entry.

James-Courage_cp (6)


Mr James Courage:

“Relevance is key.”

Entrants should provide clear and concise evidence-based responses to the questions. The judges look into the relevancy of the provided supporting materials, case studies and data to back the entrants’ responses.



Mr.Lin2 (6)


Mr Lin Qiang:

“A neat, concise and well-organised presentation.”

Consideration will be given to a neat, concise and well-organised presentation. Entries should clearly demonstrate the distinguished achievement or progress made in the respective categories with substantial data and concrete case studies.




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