Chat with the judges: Do’s and don’ts of preparing entries

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The JNA Awards 2017 now accepts entries. To help you get started with your entry, we have asked one of our judges, Mr Albert Cheng, to share some of the “do’s” and “don’ts” with us.


  1. Answer precisely
    Read the questions carefully and answer them in precise language and up to the point.
  2. Supported by measurable results
    Give figures that can be validated to support your entries when possible.
  3. Only relevant documents
    Only include photos or documents or video which are very relevant.


  1. Don’t copy and paste
    Don’t copy and paste answers from your existing source. Try to distil them and write your own fit-for-purpose answers.
  2. Don’t over write
    Long answer does not mean more information. It is the quality and substance of information that matters.
  3. Don’t rush
    Don’t wait until the last day to rush in. Try spending more time on it and debating on the content with your colleagues before submission.

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