2018 Honouree- DRC TECHNO

Congratulations! DRC TECHNO was awarded as one of the Honourees of “Industry Innovation of the Year” at the JNA Awards 2018.🎊 🎊

Since its establishment in 2012, DRC TECHNO made a decision to bring effective and reliable gemmological services to each and every diamond merchant office by inventing a machine that can scan and detect lab-grown diamonds even when they are mixed in parcels of mined diamonds. Not too long after, DRC TECHNO unveiled the D-secure that was one of a handful of machines in the market that could distinguish between man-made and mined diamond instantly.

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再次恭賀DRC TECHNO 成為2018年度JNA大獎「年度創新企業大獎」的入圍者之一!🎊 🎊

自2012年創立以來,DRC TECHNO便定下目標,要研發出一部能夠掃描及偵測出混入天然鑽石中的實驗室培植鑽石的儀器,從而為每一家鑽石商提供有效率及可靠的寶石服務。不久之後,DRC TECHNO研發的D-secure便誕生,它是市場上少數可以即時分辨人造及天然鑽石的儀器。



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