2018 Honouree- Crossfor Co Ltd

With its outstanding achievements, Crossfor Co Ltd was selected as one of the Honourees of “Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – ASEAN, Japan & Korea” at the JNA Awards 2018. 🎊 🎊

With almost two decades in the jewellery industry, Crossfor Co Ltd continues to dazzle with its innovative products and whimsical designs. The company’s vision, while somewhat romantic, is crystal clear. It aims to create products inspired by dream; satisfy manufacturers, purchasers and users; and sincerely and transparently disclose information to its partners, employees and customers.

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Crossfor Co Ltd 憑藉其傑出成就獲選為2018年度JNA大獎「年度傑出企業大獎 – 東南亞國家聯盟、日本及韓國」的入圍者之一。📣 📣 📣

屹立於珠寶業接近二十年的Crossfor,繼續竭力改革創新,希望提供品質更高、款式更迷人的珠寶予客戶。Crossfor的願景有點浪漫,但卻十分清晰 願景它們旨在創造出受夢想啟發的產品;滿足製造商、買家及用家的需求;並真誠地向夥伴、員工及消費者提供高透明度的資訊。



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