2018 Honouree- Cody Opal Australia Pty Ltd

Let’s say cheers to Cody Opal Australia Pty Ltd that was named as one of the Honourees of “Industry Innovation of the Year” at the JNA Awards 2018. 🎊

Established in Melbourne, Cody Opal Australia strives to be the top supplier of Australian Opal to the world’s gemstone and jewellery market. Armed with a “mine-to-market” business model, the company sources opal directly from mining fields in Australia, cuts and polishes the gems in its own workshops, and exports them for the enjoyment of customers from around the globe.  📣

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熱烈祝賀Cody Opal Australia Pty Ltd成為2018年度JNA大獎「年度創新企業大獎」的入圍者!🎊 🎊

澳洲寶石商Cody Opal Australia創立於墨爾本,致力成為環球珠寶及寶石市場上最頂尖的澳洲歐泊供應商。實行「由礦場到市場」的業務模式,Cody Opal直接從澳洲的礦場採購歐泊,在自家工場切割打磨,繼而將寶石出口到世界各地。



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