Can Honourees from 2012-2014 Apply for Entry in 2015?

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Yes. Certain award categories in 2015 are not open to Recipients (winners of a category) from the previous 3 years (2012-2014) to encourage participation among the wider community. However, if you were an Honouree (short-listed candidate) in a category previously, you can still apply for the same category this year.  Don’t miss your chance to become a Recipient in 2015!

For more information on this year’s category, please click here.

2015 New Category – Industry Innovation of the Year Award

innovationWe have expended the scope in this category to encourage the participation of a wider jewellery community and to include other business disciplines beyond the manufacturing sector.  We welcome companies that are innovative in areas, including but not limited to, technologies, business models, product developments, marketing initiatives and gemological research to enter the Awards.

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